Lord Have Mercy

This song is inspired by the crap that has happened in churches. The media usually reports on all the crap stuff that happens in churches and hardly ever the good stuff that happens. But the reality is that shit stuff happens in churches, stuff that makes the ‘Church’ look completely hypocritical. Anyway I wrote this as a message and reminder to the church, that the ‘Church’ was called to be a set apart for good work not shit work. The ‘Church’ is supposed to be a place of ‘light’ and not ‘darkness’. I guess this song in some ways is kind of like an apology to God and the world for the corruption found in the ‘Church’.

I wanted the song to be quite contemplative, that’s why there is an instrumental part at the end. I also used the cello because to me the cello conveys emotion so well. It is meant to sound sorrowful, I think I succeeded in capturing that emotion. I also got Catherine to sing some dreamy background vocals which add to the ambiance.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the song….in some spots I probably would have turned Catherine’s voice down in the mix.

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Justice Will Come

‘Justice Will Come’ is my set piece that I used with the string quartet. This song is yet another justice themed piece. I wrote this song initially about the KONY saga that happened a few years ago. The ‘Kony” phenomenon got me thinking about how many lives have been lost because of governments and evil people. I sort of wanted a song that sent a message that whilst they may escape justice hear on earth that eventually ‘Justice Will Come’. Sort of like KARMA is a bitch sort of thing………you can run….but you can’t hide forever…..

The inspiration for the strings came from songs like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’. I wanted them to have a simplicity but an epic’ness to them, however if I had my time again I would probably change some of the string parts. I was overall pretty happy with the string parts but they were a bit too repetitive.

The piano, pad, bass, and drums are very simple. I tried to create something minimalistic…..It was okay, but I like my original concept for the song more. 

So just remember ‘Justice Will come’!

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‘Let Justice Roll’ is a song about the poor and disadvantaged, and how we need to play a part in making this world a better place. It is a pop/rock ballad driven by acoustic guitar. I wrote the song based on various Scriptures of the Bible. I believe the song is quite relevant for the times we are living in. We see and hear many story’s about the poor and the disadvantaged these days and we all have to play a part to make the world a better place if we are gonna see any change. This is the message I am trying to communicate in this song.

The instrumentation of the song is fairly stock standard. The acoustic guitar is the main chordal instrument supported by drums, bass, electric guitar, organ and some looped drums. I wanted it to be pretty laid back and accessible to a large ranged audience. I’m not so sure I used the correct loop for the song it sounds a bit generic to me…..sounds a bit to much like an ‘Apple Loop’. The electric guitar has a bit of a Nashville sound in the intro. My friends who sang are both American so I guess it fits.

Pretty happy with the end product.

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Working with Strings

Working with strings was fun! It is such a beautiful sound, quite moving. I had the opportunity to hear others string arrangements which was great. It was good to hear how others approached their arrangements. There are so many different ways to use strings. I sort of wish I had my time again. After listening to other arrangements it helped me to identify how I could have made my arrangement stronger. 

I was mostly happy with my arrangement and I think it works. I look forward to arranging more string parts for songs I have. One day I may even hire the string quartet for a couple of my songs.

It was truly inspiring to hear the string quartet….

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Justice Will Come


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My string arrangement

For my string arrangement I am using a song called ‘Justice will come’. The song was inspired by the social media campaign phenomenon KONY. The song was initially inspired by the KONY campaign but I changed it cause the Kony thing seemed a bit suss. It is an anti-violence song directed at the high powers who decide to bomb areas where there are innocent people.

I wanted the string section to sound simple but epic. I was inspired by Led Zepplin’s ‘Kasmir’. The cello part is quite simple and focused on hitting the root notes. I originally wrote the first violin part too high…and so I ended up bringing it down an octave. The first violin was focused on playing longer notes in a legato style. The second violin and viola had more motion in there part.


Here is the song without the strings  : )

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Stringy Strings

Thinking about the way I arrange strings. There are many ways in which strings can be used to enhance songs…….They can create a wonderful wash of sound adding texture and depth. Whilst the wash of sound may be desirable in some songs it is good to also explore others ways the strings could be used.

Another method of using strings is to create some counter melodies. You can do this by finding an interesting musical part in the song, the hook for example and create a short phrase to respond to that part. This gives the strings and opportunity to shine and create a different texture within the song. It’s about finding the right space within a song for this to happen. 

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