Harmony Part 3

Harmony Part 3

This week in class we looked at Pedal points, Ostinato’s and Chord Colors.

Growing up in the church I have heard Pedal Points used quite a lot. In particular the Eb Bass’s in the brass band would often sustain a low note whilst the rest of the band continued with the rest of the piece, this was done most often during the last play through of the song. It created a great sense of tension.

I love the sound of a sustained low note while the rest of the song changes and moves on top of it. This is used a lot in Celtic music and the bag pipes is most famous for it’s low drones.

I have used this Pedal Point technique in one of my songs. In the 1st verse the violins sustain 1 note for it’s duration.


I have also used Chord Colors in a song I have written recently. The song has only 4 chords.  CMaj 7 –  Am7 –  FMaj7 –  FMaj7/G

At first I thought this might be a problem because there’s really not that much to it chord wise. But in the chorus’s I change the 7 chords into 9 chords adding new color tones.

All Your Ways

There are many Pop songs that have used minimal chords and added color tones for variation. “Fame” (G9), “Shining Star” (E7 #9).

Have a nice evening  : )




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