Lyrics Part 3

This week in class we looked at Lyrics Modes, Prosody, and Meter.

The syllables of every word has it’s own rhythm. The single syllable in the word HAT is like the single crack of a snare drum. The word COMPUTER has 3 syllables: COM-PU-TER. So when writing lyrics for a song, each line will form a rhythmical pattern. This rhythmical pattern or meter helps  the listener to remember both the lyrics of the song and also the melody. This is important for creating the right emotion/feeling for the song. You may really want to emphasize certain words to create an impact.

Shakespeare used a Iambic Pentameter in his most famous play, Romeo & Juliet.

But, SOFT! what LIGHT through YONder WINdow BREAKS?

ta –   TUM –   ta –   TUM –    ta –    TUM-ta –TUM-ta-  TUM

In the line above each TUM is emphasized giving the words emotion and a rhythmical pattern.

There are numerous meters used within popular music each with it’s own emphasis and rhythmical pattern.

I have posted the song NUTbush City Limits. The hook in this song uses a trochee (TUM-ta) metric foot. The 1st syllable in the word NUTbush is emphasized.

Peace Out!

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