Melody Part 3

This week in class we looked at motive development.

Motive development is every where in music (even in my music). A motive is a small musical idea which is repeated and developed upon during a piece of music. Although motive development is everywhere in music I personally find it hard to pinpoint when and where this is happening. I think it’s hard to pinpoint because when you listen to music, you listen to it as a whole and not in fragmented sections.

Repetition is one of the techniques used in motive development. This technique is used a lot in all kinds of music. I use it in my music, I think it helps to make the music memorable. A good example of repetition is used in the song ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’. The first 2 lines of the song are simple repetition.



Ornamentation is used a lot in modern pop songs through the use of vocal melismas. Quite often in pop songs the 1st verse and chorus are sung straight making the motives clear. Throughout the rest of the song artists will often ornament the original ideas using a combination of different techniques.

In the song below Mariah Carey uses ornamentation lots.

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