Melody Part 4

This week we discussed Melodic Momentum, Minor Melodies and Melisma’s.

In modern music there are melisma’s everywhere. I personally don’t really use melisma’s in my songs, as I can’t sing them. Whilst I enjoy a good melisma every now and then sometimes I just want to hear the melody simple sung. I think they are better used sparingly so not to distract from the main melody.

Christina Aguilera is an artist who is really good at them.

Melodic Momentum is something that I use in my songs. In my songs the verse’s often have less happening in them both rhythmically, melodically and sometimes harmonically. Melodic momentum is a useful tool to help build the song to a climax. It can be a simple thing like the melody in the verse may be sung on simple crochet beats…and then when it get’s to the per-chorus I may move to quaver beats. This will give the song forward melodic momentum….make the listener feel like the song is going somewhere.

Momentum can also be created by the backing of the song. For example Rihanna’s ‘We fell in love in a hopeless place’ uses synth stabs and added rhythm to create a feel of forward momentum.


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