Active Listening

Got to be honest…I was pretty disappointed in the kind of music that was topping the charts when I did this lesson. The production on these tracks were good but I really sounded and felt like mass produced music. Sounded like a song writing cookie cutter machine had written them……all following a similar recipe……to get a similar product. I know that these are the songs making a lot of money, but I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable writing this kind of music all the time. Sure write one hit and just live on the takings of the song…I can do that. But in my personal opinion lots of these songs that I heard lacked originality…I felt like I had heard it all before. (except for Lorde, she was great). The production was great…….the chords were fine…….but something was lacking???? Maybe I’m just getting old. But I love it when a song truly says something. I love the songwriters like Billy Joel, and Phil Collins………where are they? Times are a changing………..Music is way over sexualized these days…….I can learn from the production and the changes…….but I am afraid some of today’s lyrics are laughable.

Here is a example of laughable lyrics………..I’m sad to say there are way to many songs like this out there.

“I’ll be on top of the world, when your on top of me girl”

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