Harmony Part 4

Modulation is a great tool for songwriters……it can really give your song a extra lift.

There are many ways to modulate from one key to another……….I have used modulation in a few songs of mine and here is one example.

Holy Spirit Move In Me

This is a very straight forward modulation. Going straight from the 4 chord in the key of C (F) to the 1 chord in the new key of D. This is quite an abrupt modulation.

Here is video containing some great Modulations.

In this video I found something that I have been searching for….for a long time. In the song ‘Penny Lane’ the Beatles do something pretty crazy. The verse is sung in C and they go down a tone into Bb for the chorus! I would love to see if I could modulate down in a song. What clever dicks!

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