Secondary Melodies

Ok…….Secondary Melodies. Secondary melodies are used to interest and further enhance the main melody (musically or lyrically). It is another musical idea that takes back seat to the main musical idea…but it still has it’s own distinct melody.

I have used this in one song of mine that I know of. I used it to add some color and create some interest in a fairly simple song. In the second verse of the song below I have added some oh-ah vocal lines that have there own distinct melody…and they help to add interest and enhance the main musical melody. Secondary melody’s play a supporting role.

A song that really shows of Secondary Melodies is the song, ‘I Wanna Be The Only One’ by Eternal. The Gospel choir singing in the background play a supporting role……

Secondary Melodies are cool. I need to use them more. If used in the right place they can really enhance your song.

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