Expanding your timbral palette

Hmmmmmm……….Expanding my timbral palette. This is something I am quite interested in. I believe expanding your timbrel palette is crucial to having a long career in the music business. I think about bands that have had long term success but have also changed with the times. One band that comes to mind is U2. Whilst you can always tell that it is a U2 song, you can hear over the years that the band has experimented with different sounds. This is inspirational to me, it reminds me that there is much more to be explored in the world of music.

Another person who inspires me is Bjork. Bjork’s music is hard to explain, it is almost mysterious. The sounds she uses in her songs create so much texture and varied emotion. In one song she may use a big band and in another warm strings supported by an industrial grinding beat. Her music is so interesting.

It is amazing what difference can be made by simply swapping around instruments. Swapping a piano for an accordion sound can give a song a completely new fresh feel. I want to experiment more with this……I want to expand my timbrel palette.


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