Introduction to writing for strings and the string quartet


Thinking about writing for strings. A string section is such a beautiful thing, they can add so much texture to a song. I’ve been thinking about the different ways they can be used to add to a song. There are so many great examples of strings being used in pop songs.

The song that immediately comes to mind is Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. In this song the strings are almost as important as the vocals. They are a real feature of this song. It shows how a string section can used not merely as a gap filler but as a feature.

Another song that comes to mind is The Goo Goo Doll’s ‘Iris’.

In this song the strings are used more to create a wash under the main song. They add depth and warmth. Beautiful

I have saved the best for last. Led Zepplin’s ‘Kashmir’

Although the string line is quite simple and repetitive it is effective and creates another timbre to Led Zepplin’s arsenal. Cool.

These songs give me ideas.

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