My own songwriting methods.

Songwriting happens in many different ways for me. I have tried numerous different methods, but the way that seems to work best for me is coming up with a melody first. When I sit at the piano I will just play a chord progression and try singing random melodies over the progression. I will do this until something works. One of the ways I can tell if it is a good melody or not is to leave it overnight and if I can remember it after a nights sleep, then I will know it is a strong melody.

Another method I will use is gathering inspiration from books/news articles or movies. I will take notes on the subject matter and allow them to simmer in my mind and then put pen to paper.

I am quite confident about talking about my song writing methods. I feel I would be able to clearly articulate the methods that I use. I am not so good at promoting my own work. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I always seem to be able to find fault with my work. This is something I will need to improve on.


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