Justice Will Come

‘Justice Will Come’ is my set piece that I used with the string quartet. This song is yet another justice themed piece. I wrote this song initially about the KONY saga that happened a few years ago. The ‘Kony” phenomenon got me thinking about how many lives have been lost because of governments and evil people. I sort of wanted a song that sent a message that whilst they may escape justice hear on earth that eventually ‘Justice Will Come’. Sort of like KARMA is a bitch sort of thing………you can run….but you can’t hide forever…..

The inspiration for the strings came from songs like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’. I wanted them to have a simplicity but an epic’ness to them, however if I had my time again I would probably change some of the string parts. I was overall pretty happy with the string parts but they were a bit too repetitive.

The piano, pad, bass, and drums are very simple. I tried to create something minimalistic…..It was okay, but I like my original concept for the song more. 

So just remember ‘Justice Will come’!

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