Lord Have Mercy

This song is inspired by the crap that has happened in churches. The media usually reports on all the crap stuff that happens in churches and hardly ever the good stuff that happens. But the reality is that shit stuff happens in churches, stuff that makes the ‘Church’ look completely hypocritical. Anyway I wrote this as a message and reminder to the church, that the ‘Church’ was called to be a set apart for good work not shit work. The ‘Church’ is supposed to be a place of ‘light’ and not ‘darkness’. I guess this song in some ways is kind of like an apology to God and the world for the corruption found in the ‘Church’.

I wanted the song to be quite contemplative, that’s why there is an instrumental part at the end. I also used the cello because to me the cello conveys emotion so well. It is meant to sound sorrowful, I think I succeeded in capturing that emotion. I also got Catherine to sing some dreamy background vocals which add to the ambiance.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the song….in some spots I probably would have turned Catherine’s voice down in the mix.

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